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We would love to show your photo story or essay, and accept submissions for the PD-JKT website and the Picture Post.
You may submit your photographs anytime to us and we will have a look if they are suitable to publish here. If you want to do so, please follow the guidelines below to make the procedure as fast and effective as possible.

Good light to you!

We have also a flickr group where you can share your photos with us!

Submission Guidelines

Please include a description of your story, so the reader would know what the photographs are about. Write a caption -short description- for each image. Add some information about yourself and anything else you wish to tell the readers.

Remember, PD-JKT aims to “Tell a Story in Pictures”, so please do not send in family snapshots, pets, flower, model, or sunrise images and alike.

Technical specs:
Send all photographs as a .jpg file with a width of 1024px or a height of 1000px, resolution 72dpi (web-ready).
All files should be named in the sequence you want them to appear, e.g.:
your_name_01.jpg, your_name_02.jpg, …
Maximum number of images for evaluation are 50! Minimum number of images are 6!

Images with watermarks, embedded copyright notice, or a time-stamp will not be considered. Of course we will credit all photographs to you if published.

Upload a folder with all your images and wait at least 5 days for us to answer.
If we do not see an opportunity to feature your photographs, we will email you and we will delete all your images and files we received from you to protect your copyright. In case we accept your images for publications, we will get in contact with you via e-mail to discuss the further steps.

Keep it rollin’!

YES, I want to submit my picture story!

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