On this page you can sell your used photo gear as well (cameras, lenses… everything photography).

If you would like to offer your used equipment, we will put it on this page here for everybody to see:

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Please have a look to our fine used Leica items (the ones with PD-JKT logo in the row).
We sell Leica lenses and cameras for over 30 years to happy customers all over the world.
All items are inspected by our experienced staff in Germany and ready to ship only if they are in LHSA logo 4full working order so you enjoy shooting pictures in the footsteps of the renown Leica photographers worry free.
Shipping costs to Jakarta are included in all prices!

Member of the Leica Historical Society of America, LHSA.

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“Street photography is a renewable resource. If you dont like what you see wait 5 minutes or walk a hundred feet.”
by Craig Coverdale

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The Junghans stop watch in action.

M3 47jtLEICA M3 SS, matching box, 99%mint, 47jt IDR sold to Canada.

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Leica TLEICA T silver and
Leica Visoflex EVF

Brand new! Pristine condition.
The camera is located in central Jakarta, please email us with the reference number and we will forward your mail to the seller. (ref#1209.ef)
23jt IDR camera, 6,5jt for the viewfinder
Nikon 105 3
Nikon 105 2Nikon 105 1
MUST GO! Reduced Price!
The classic light tele lens with the premium mechanic and glass - a prime lens and Nikon's pride.
Works with almost all digital Nikon bodies.
You cannot beat its price either!
The lens is located in central Jakarta, please email us with the reference number and we will make an appointment to see it or ship it to you via JNE or TiKi. (ref#1237.pd)
1jt IDR
CCS 14

CCS 10

P R I C E R E D U C E D !
CCS CAMERA BAG black/tan
Is there any camera bag like a Billingham? No, but there was!
The main competitor was not so far away in good old England, at Stourbridge, Lye (this links to youtube to show a video of the lovely town) founded by some former Billingham employees who manufactured their bags to the exact same high quality standards. Some would argue these bags were superior due to some clever features which you might study in more detail in the pictures.This is as far as I know the Stuart model of their range and it is in absolute stunning condition (98.7% mint :) Of course the bag is made of rough and waterproof triple-layered canvas, waxed English bridle leather, solid brass fixtures which will never rust and maybe even with some English humor, which is beneficial to photography. The company gave a 30 (thirty) years guarantee on the bag! (I will not though, because I'm too old already…)
Roomy and adjustable interior: This is not a small bag, it will easily accommodate a full NiCan, Hassi, or Rolli equipment or your complete Leica collection of the past 50 years.
L35, W22, H32cm measured without outer pockets.
7 (!) foamed dividers, 4 outer pockets, 1 large separate compartment for a laptop (macbook size). About 1800gr.
Foldable ..ahem.. picnic table cloth. Well, this is where the humor comes in, if you like. Shielded underneath a flap and inside a zippered pocket comes a washable cloth which unfolds to quite some size. Very useful to put lenses and other gear on it when you need a safe and clean stand. Or of course you might invite your spouse to a romantic picnic. But then again, do have photographers girlfriends? (Mind you, the iphone is not included)
Double ended strap. These will keep the bag in balance, even when the equipment is not spread evenly inside. Billingham calls it a "Delta System" in their marketing tongue.
Genius Gladstone opening system.Doctor bags had these genius opening systems for easy access to the equipment and what is good for doctors should be good for photogs. Opens and closes in a snap like a crocodiles's mouth. See a little movie to demonstrate this here..
Shoulder sling or carrying handle. In a second the shoulder sling with a neoprene pad converts into a handgrip by using the solid brass carabiner and the extra leather padded handle.
The bag is located in central Jakarta, please email us with the reference number and we will make an appointment to see it. (ref#1226.pd)
2.9jt IDR

(was 3.4jt IDR)

Penting: Photo District Jakarta tidak menjual barang-barang ini, kecuali yang ada logo PD JKT di atas harga , kami hanya menyediakan ruang web. Tiap penjual bertanggung jawab atas barang yang dijualnya dan negosiasi dengan pembeli. Kami memiliki hak untuk menolak iklan. Daftar untuk pemberitahuan posting baru di website ini via email! Lihat formulir di bawah ini.
Important: Photo District Jakarta does not sell items without its logo above the price, we only provide the web-space. Every seller is responsible for his offer and any negotiations with the buyer. We reserve the right to reject advertisements.

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