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DOODADS for fans only

Some fancy articles here for leisure time and to show off.
Spread the word, find friends and colleagues. Support PD-JKT and light up your day!

…and meanwhile, if you have an idea of a nice product with the PD-JKT logo on it, email us!

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example 2
example 3

Every t-shirt is unique!

The PD-JKT logo is always on a different part of the shirt (surprise, surprise..).
100% cotton. Proudly made in Indonesia. Rubber print. Please wash with love and care.
Men sizes S/M/L
Women sizes S/M/L
Only 85.000 IDR! (incl. TIKI )
order button I want that!

Once you email us, we will send you the BCA account number to transfer the money to. We usually ship with TIKI to your doorsteps. Don’t forget to email item/size and your address!

We are looking for some nice slogans for our stickers to come!

  • “A picture a day keeps the doctor away”.
  • “Behind every good camera there is a strong woman”.
  • “Behind every good camera there is a strong man”.
  • Shut up and shoot!
  • I break for decisive moments!
  • Got a better one? Email us! If we use your slogan, we will give you one of our super-cool-photographer-black-t-shirts – hey!

    Here’s a nice design of t-shirt the humble staff of “my cup of tee”, Grand Indonesia Shopping Town created:

    Shut up
    tshirt back