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Leica M9-P – less for more or the revenge of the marketing department

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Leica m9 p- OPINION -

Leica introduced the new LEICA M9-P, a slightly different version of the current full frame digital M9. It seems that their cooperation with Magnum inspired the facelifting. Finally the camera body doesn’t feature the red-dot Leica logo and the engraving of the model name on the front plate. A much appreciated step to make the camera look less obtrusive and the right step to eliminate the completely unnecessary vanity of branding. Who would ever be interested in ‘which camera took a photo of me’ anyway? Pros used a black tape to cover this alarm button on the front of the camera so nobody would assume it’s a bomb ready to be triggered. The marketing department of Leica reduced the branding now to the engraving of the Leica name on the top of the body. The revenge of the marketers is cruel some, they elevated the price tag for this model to new heights – 5.995 EUR (approximately 74jt IDR) 500 EUR (6jt IDR) more than the M9. Well done, we do not expect to get discount on Leicas, we expect to get even less for more. Though out of curiosity, how much more would I have to pay, if they would relinquish the Leica name on the top plate? How much would that be, 1000 EUR?

The M9 now has a twin sister, the new Leica M9-P. In technological terms, they are absolutely identical twins and feature precisely the same high performance qualities. The only differences are found in a few characteristic details. (LEICA AG)

M9 P silverLeica m9 p topLeica m9 p black top

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  • Michel Maas says:

    Don’t forget the screen at the back. The M9P has one made
    of scratch free Saphire glass, whereas the M9 has one made of
    plastic. That was another step in the ‘less for more’ story: the
    M8.2 already had Saphire glass, and everybody was very happy with
    that. But for some odd reason Leica dropped the Saphire for
    ordinary plastic when it introduced the M9. So now it’s back to
    Saphire again. Yes, at a cost…

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